Bandcamp alternatives

The thought of Epic Games owning Bandcamp is very unpleasant and want to hop ship to another platform that supports indie artists that want little to none corporate BS. What alternatives are there that are just as competitive Bandcamp? Been contemplating for awhile. What’s your thoughts?


A developer created a HTML 5 music player making it very viable to switch to

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Why? I’m ignorant…

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Tencent owns 40% majority of Epic Games, which has stake in other “…major labels [such as] Warner, Sony, Universal, and even Spotify.”

Note also Epic Games wants to get into NFTs and CyrptoCurrency which I’m highly against:

Thanks, I didn’t realize that Bandcamp was sold.

Since very few details have emerged from the joint venture and their plans in the future — and even those details’ wording is quite vague — the fact is that Bandcamp will change.

So my hesitation of joining Bandcamp is “paying off” in a way.
I think you can still buy all the Synthwave and other independent music and more on Bandcamp in future, but hopefully the artits will still getting paid fairly. Otherwise I have to stop my support, what would be a sad thing. Bandcamp is my favorite music platform of the whole internet, the opposite of Spotify.

It’s the political aspects that’s the bad part, Epic Games ownership will likely be great for musicians but at the expense of free speech (lyrics).