Bandpass & Bandreject Envelope Tip

The effect of these two cutoff envelopes is very dependent on what the resonance is set to, to the point where they’ll have almost no audible effect if you don’t get the resonance (i.e. Q width) set right. The right level for resonance to get the most impact out of either band filter is dependent on the sample.

Because of this, I recommend enabling the resonance envelope, then enabling sustain on the resonance envelope (with the sustain point all the way to the left so that it engages immediately) and using the level of resonance at the sustain point like a slider. Then, draw a cutoff envelope, and while playing notes from your keyboard, adjust the resonance at the sustain point in the resonance envelope until it sounds good.

A simple trick, and probably obvious to some, but it wasn’t to me. :)