Bar Looping Struggles


I am running across a playback problem under the following conditions (but not limited to these conditions):

  1. I have a single bar looping via the pattern sequencer

  2. I have tempo automation commands on the master track. This particular track has a tempo command on every line in the bar (increasing the tempo by a single BPM every line from 90 BPM-180BPM)

  3. The problem occurs when there are more than 3 active tracks. (If I delete all the other tracks and or mute all the tracks within the looped selection via the pattern matrix then the playback problem is non-existant)

  4. The tracks that are open are sample instrument based and trigger lengthy wav audio files which vary from 50 seconds to 2 min, these tracks have the autoseek feature enabled.

The playback seems to pause and struggle to play during the first when it reaches the top of the bar and begins to replay the looped bar; this in turn creates havoc with my outboard synths which will loose sync, mis-trigger, not trigger at all or stop playing all together (in this case an Electron analog rytm)

The problem goes away once I delete all but 3 tracks and or mute the bars in the looped selection via the pattern matrix. I have checked out my system resources (via mac activity monitor and it is showing 35% CPU and appear to be using 665 MB of RAM. I should have plenty of system resources given that my mac is an 2x3.2 Ghz quad core with 32 GB of RAM.

other factors worth noting:

This occurs with both Renoise 2 and 3 (current versions)

There are no plugins instantiated.

i have experienced similar problems to this once a track becomes “heavy” which is to say more than 16 tracks are in use and the song file size begins to exceed 2 gigs. There are usually some Tempo effect commands but nothing as intense as my current session.

The tracks that I do have open are sample based instruments

In general, bar looping seems to struggle when the session is track heavy.

Any thoughts or solutions?

Thanks for your time!

Any thoughts or solutions?

First of all, I’m curious about the type of loop we are dealing with here. Are we talking about a very short pattern or a loop block within a pattern?

Also, it sounds like it could be a good idea if you could somehow isolate the problem and share it as an xrns file. No point in sending me a PM - I am currently out of town, with no access to a studio computer for the next few days - but I’m sure someone would be happy to take a look…?

Greetings danoise, I appreciate your response and thank you for your time.

We are talking about a 128 line bar in this instance but the playback problem occurs using the loop block pattern as well.

I am happy to share the xrns file but cannot seem to figure out how to upload the file.

Can you help me through those steps? I was looking for a simple attach icon but cannot see one and cannot figure out how to add to my media.

Thanks again for your time and efforts!


I am happy to share the xrns file but cannot seem to figure out how to upload the file.

If you edit your original post, I think you can choose “Use Full Editor” which should contain an upload button.

Same with new posts, but here the feature is called “More Reply Options”

Ah yeah I see that, only thing now is that it has a 1 MB upload limit and the file is 477 MB.

Ah yeah I see that, only thing now is that it has a 1 MB upload limit and the file is 477 MB.

Ah, here it is 64MB - but even then, that wouldn’t be enough.

For such big files you can always use a free service like wetransfer…

Once again, appreciate your time and now your patience.

Here is the link to the file.

I look forward to any help, suggestions, observations that you can share. Thanks a bunch!