Barbaria Dub Like Ice Cream For Barbarisa

Good day! I would like to present the track on which I have been working for 4 months. I would be glad to receive any feedback. I hope you will enjoy it.

It sounded beautiful all the way through, only things which bothered me were the sharp, high tones as in 01:36 and at some places later, they seemed too sharp for me (although that may only be a problem due to soundcloud compression). Overall, it was very enjoyable. The effort put into this must’ve been really insane! :slight_smile:

Thanks for feedback, Nor Tamena. Glad you enjoyed. A lot of work has been done; there were also many features I’ve tried for the first time. I wanted to express wide range of feelings and, while working on it, I eventually felt that the track began to breathe and finally came to life.

Yeah I agree - great stuff making a bridge between dub and psy genres. But the high pitch sweeps I found much too hard on the ears, also! With headphones they really hurt my ears through the whole range, though overall volume was rather very moderate than earsmoking. Keep in mind with high frequencies, expecially sinewaves or similliar, that they will at same amplidude have much more percieved (i.e. also piercing!) energy than bass freqs would have. You can make a sinewave boom at -0db digital at 60hz without hurting at all, at 4000hz or 10000hz your ears might start to bleed… Bind those sweep’s volume to the pitch, i.e. the higher the pitch the lower the volume, and fiddle until hitting a sweet spot.

For me, the falling ting sound at 0:37 and 1:00 has a strong association with slapstick comedy, probably from cartoons. I still enjoyed it, but that sound could evoke a tone that might not have been intended.

I’m going to go crazy trying to think of a specific cartoon that used that sound effect. I feel like it was really common, but I can’t call any specific examples.

Haha MattD, ever listened to old reggae dub stuff ala king tubby, lee perry etc…? Yep, it’s reggae tracks dubbed up with oldschool studio effects, and that “ting” sound is an effect commonly heard in those tunes, also in some non-dubbed reggae tunes. It’s where “dub” was invented, thanks to saturating echo devices and mad stoned rastas at mixer consoles. Much stuff is a bit “kinky”/“comical” sounding in this genre, think about the rubbing sounds (b.marley could you be loved), people mimicking animals (cow thief skank), the ever so good clavinet through a crybaby-wah, and such. Jamaicas sun makes people happy, you know…no good place for vader style mental dynamics.

I didn’t know that about reggae. I mentioned it because I thought the association might have been an unintended coincidence. I’ll be sure to give it a listen.

Bonus:_Vader Style Mental Dynamics_could be a pretty cool album name.

I’m getting somewhat of a reggae vibe going with a lot of fair ride attraction sounds. It ends up into a trancy groove.

Hm now I’ve tried to think hard but failed to nail down the names of tracks seemingly using things like bottles, glasses or metal bowls with water in it that are moved and hit as sound effect. There must be some, and dubbed up it’s not really “comical” but groovy? Spotting bongos is easier…

Nonetheless, I find the dub part is much better than the trance stuff later on. To match the depth of the first part, the trance part would need to sound a lot less like “mainstream-techno” if you know what I mean. More intense somehow.

Wow, guys, I didn’t expect this animated discussion. Thanks to all who wrote back.

OopslFly, thank you for positive criticism. While working on the track I was really having brain damage: my ears seized to recognize anything and there had been too many high frequencies. It happened because my brain registered a lot of vibes characteristic for the place and time. Nevertheless, your advice is useful and I appreciate this.

MattD, while working on the track, the entrance pattern corresponded to the atmosphere around me. There were a lot of alarms and unidentified sounds. I wanted to pass this feeling, sinking a listener to this state at once. Well, your reaction is very interesting. Working on the vocal part, I found these breathings vulgar, like a scenes out of some adult movie. They even sometimes embarassed me, but I tried to banish these thoughts. May sound weird, but it seems to be inevitable in this situation.

HeartBeatHero, thank you for feedback. I’m happy you’ve tuned into these vibes. It would be great if this track inspired you in your work.

When I was starting this track, I was just playing with new vsti guitar and bass. I really liked their sound. Firstly, it was a link of hip hop pattern, which further became a dub bassline. I thought these instruments could create great dub vibe and started to do it. Besides, I cherished an idea of crossing dub and trance, but did not have an opportunity to do it. Once, I suddenly set steady beat insead of bridge, to which then the bass came. I started to feel weird. Trance part really sounds mainstream and it does not have technical frills, but the synths have presets which caught me and which I did want to use. When the finished track variant was born, I understood that there could be a lot to work on further, but I used a rule of thumb, decided to stop, and uploaded this variant. After I listened to the track in monitors instead of headphones I realized what I should have done, but it was too late.
Nevertheless, It was a really interesting work for me. I managed to use lots of new approaches. Sometimes my brain was literally set on fire and I even did not hope I could finish this. But I did and am glad that people can listen to it and be find inspiration in it. I wanted to inspire people with my track and energize them wth my vibes. I think it is cool that this place exists. All in all, thank you!

P.S. I have recently had some troubles with Internet connection and thus may answer a bit late. But I am still working on the tracks. I wish you all the possible luck in your work. Stay tuned.