Barryvan Compo

The Barryvan Compo is a monthly inspiration-based competition (accepting OGG, MP3, and WMA). It is now starting its second round.

Entry is open to anyone who’s interested for this round. Check it out at This month’s inspiration is a photo taken by Karloskarmi:

You can write whatever you like around this image. (Thanks to Novus for the suggestion to use a photo!)

I hope to see you all there!

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UPDATE: There are now only two days left to enter! Get your entries in!

Voting is open!

Three very, very different tracks are competing for your votes in this round:

Download 'em by using the links above, or head over to the voting page and read what the artists have to say about them, then cast your vote!

It’s sure to be a close competition, so make your vote count!

Less than 24 hours of voting left!

…And I’m still desperately short of votes! C’mon - get your votes in, and make your voice heard!

The Barryvan Compo

The results are in!
In an incredibly close set of results, Space Walk has just managed to nose into the lead with 16 points, followed closely by aGp (14 points), who is in turn followed just as closely by Sam_Zen (12 points). Congratulations to all three!

Round Three Open!
Round three is now officially open! The inspiration this round is actually a short extract from a piece of music - Bach’s Little Fugue in G Minor (BWV 578). You can do whatever you like to this - remix it, use snatches of it here and there, mathematically derive stuff from it, anything! It’s an inspiration, not a restriction.

It’s available as an image, a MIDI file, an MP3, and an IT.

Happy composing, and be sure to get your entries in by the 15th of May!

Only five days left to enter! (And no entries yet… :()

Enter now!

Due to popular demand, I’ve made the entry period for the contest three weeks, and the voting period one week. This means that for round three, the deadline for entry is now the 22nd of May.

If any of the entrants so far would like to resubmit their entries, they are free to do so - just send me an email.

Only two days left to enter, and I’ve only got two entries! :(

Voting is now open for round three of the Barryvan compo. There are four fantastic tracks for you to download and vote on:
=> Fugz, by Sam_Zen;
=> Retallion Theme, by Space Walk;
=> A little fun in G Minor, by aGp; and
=> Bach, by Frans Witting.

Head over to the voting page to cast your vote!

Only 24 hours left to get your votes in! Head over to compo page to cast your votes on some really good tracks.

The results are in!

The votes for the third round of the Barryvan compo have been tallied, and the results are in.

First Place - Retallion Theme by Space Walk (who has won every time so far!)
Second Place - Bach by Frans Witting (aka 8ism)
Third Place - A little fun in G minor by aGp
Fourth Place - Fugz by Sam Samshuijzen.

Congratulations to Space Walk!

Round Four Open!
And with that, round four is now open for entry. The inspiration for this round is a photo taken in South Africa:

Round Four Deadlines
I’ve moved back to the longer two-month period for the compo now. This means that you have longer to write your tracks, and longer to vote on them.

Entry Deadline: 12th July, 2008
Voting Deadline: 28th July, 2008

Just two days left to get your entries in for round 4!

Enter now!