Base Note For Instruments


so I have recorded an octave of samples, with D as a base note.
is it possible to automatically assign all samples to their key, based
on D, instead of C? did that makes sense?

rephraze: when I press ‘make drumkit’ in instrumentsettings, it assigns
all the samples to keys, but it always starts at C. is it possible to let it
start at a different note? it would give the whole ‘multisampled instrument’
an extra dimension, as you could actually make instruments with the click
of a mouse, instead of assigning all those samples to keys by hand.

am I missing logic? am I just lazy? or both?

You can transpose the instrument later, can’t you? Just press transpose all splits: -2 or something.

Ah, my mistake, that wouldn’t work. You want to change the assignment key space not the sample tuning.

In RiGen you can change the basenote and it even calculates for you if it would be capable of assigning all samples to a key or not from that current basenote.
I need to relook into it though for changes like global NNA settings etc.