Bashamirijaa - Just Too Happy

Josh! Hi everyone.

I made this song in like 3 days, which is good, because most of the time it takes weeks. It’s not quite finished but I’m already satisfied of the result. Though it is like the first song I post here (most of my tracks/ideas arent longer than 2.30’).

Any comments, critics, applauses are welcome. Be hard on me, I want this track to be(come) good.

Cheers! Here’s the link to my freshly made virb: [url=]

Now all say ‘cheeeeese’ B)

Ok there certainly is strength here with the break chopping. But this track really doesn’t rise out of the nostalgic jungle vibe here. This, however, seems to be in vogue presently, so I’m rather confused. There’s potential for a good song here, but why not push it into new territory? You could really take it somewhere with some adventurous use of effects, or the other way by taking a lot of the sonics out.

That horn sample is especially annoying.