Basic audio wave shapes in Instrument maker?

Is there a way of quickly switching wave shape (sine/triangle/saw,etc) when making an instrument in the Sampler mode? At the moment, I’m extracting sine/square waves from other instruments in the bundled content, but is there an easier way to do this?

First build your own set of waveshapes, then save them as presets yourself? Just make your own presets to load quickly.

There also are some packs in the backstage, the “elements” pack for example should contain some basic waveshapes, saving you a little work if they suit your taste.

I’ve purchased a license and got all the backstage gear - however, I’ve no idea where each downloaded file goes - is there a guide for unpacking/installing the extras?

the newer .xrnl files can be drag&dropped onto the renoise window to be installed in the “hidden” config folders. Then you will have access to the new presets, I think after restarting renoise or so, for me there was some hickup but at some point the stuff was suddenly there. Beware the libraries often contain different types of content, keyzones, instruments, samples, like this and are to be found in the corresponding dropboxes at the right scene in the interface. The older .zip collections - just unzip them to your library folder somewhere, or somewhere else, these will have to be loaded like “regular” files from renoise.

Brill, thanks Oops. Just the Instrument pack which seemed a bit randomly packed.

Where did you put the ‘ModeAudio - Density Demo Pack for Renoise’? Is this a sample pack that isnt associated with any instrument?