Basic Questions

Hello all,

I’m new to Renoise, and moreover I’m french: sorry if my english could seem bad from time to time.
I start to make music using trackers since 95 on Amiga, first with SoundTracker, then with Protracker, and finally with DigiBooster for those last years.

Renoise seems to kick! I’m using it for 2 weeks now and I’m pretty surprised by it’s capabilities, it’s amazing!

I have some basic questions for you :

  1. Do you know if it’s possible to find translated versions of the documentation (at last for the pattern effects)?
  2. When I use the 0Cxy command to play with the volume in a track, I always have to re-put the initial value right after, because while replaying the song, the track is played with the last 0Cxy effect value… Is there another way to play with volume?
  3. When I use DSP effects on a track, it is applyed for the whole song : is it possible to apply a DSP effect for only one or more patterns? How?

That’s all for now, thanks in advance for your answers!

Currently not, but any French person who has English as second language is invited to translate if desired.

You can use the automation instead, so you can toy around with the nodes and when done, just erase the whole automation curve using the scissors icon.

DSP effects are applied for as long as they are turned on.
By using the xf00 effect command, you can turn off DSP/VST effects whereas x is the number of the effect.
To turn it on again use xf01.
The x also means you can turn on/off the first 15 effects in your track.
To expand the possibility of turning on/off more effects you could also set up various send-tracks that have various combined effects.
In that case you can use send-devices in your note-tracks instead and turn on/off the send-device that routes to that specific send-track that has the collection of effects you desire.
Instead of having multiple send-devices and turning one off and one on, you can also change the send-track number by changing the parameter value for it in the effectcommand-column. (x100 for the first send-device in the list, x1yy for the last one).
This keeps your DSP effects minimised to just one which occasionally is being changed in a while.

Current version of Renoise doesn’t allow playing instruments in Sendtracks (as of you can’t hear what you play when you alter the DSP values), the next edition allows you to listen to sounds in the send-track. (You can’t record, but you can test your settings)

Wow, cool ! Thanks for your fast and accurate answers !!! :w00t: