Basic Sampling Question

Hi all,

Pretty basic question here, I’ve just watched the sampling tutorial - which is really good - but am unsure of how to change the pitch of a sample when you have synced it?

i.e., I’ve synced a sample for 16 but regardless of the pitch I put in the pattern editor it runs at the same pitch. How do I alter the pitch.

Thanks for any help :)

Change the song speed and all beatsynced samples change their pitch accordingly.

you can still use 1xx/2xx

Thanks, although if I’m using multiple sample that’s not going to do the trick.

OK, I’m a total newbie, so where would I find out about 1xx/2xx stuff? I haven’t got to it yet?.. is there a name for it?

Thanks for the help!

Wait a second… what you want is pitch shifting, you’ll have to use a VST effect for that.

When you beatsync a sample the only way to change the pitch is to either change the beatsync lines or the song speed. Because pitch is nothing but the speed at which the sample is played, and when that is synced to the song speed the notes don’t really have any meaning anymore.

Basically when you sync a sample (presumably a loop), you fix it’s pitch(=playback speed) so that the total duration of the sample fits the specified number of steps.
Pitch is changed by playing the sample faster or slower, and my guess is that you want to time-stretch the sample, in other words, to change it’s pitch, but preserve it’s tempo. AFAIK, this is only possible within renoise except through a specialized VST plugin.

there you go

All of the pattern effect commands are at:

You’ll be visiting that page alot :D

Thanks for the help guys. Bit of a kicker that it hasn’t got time-stretching. I’d far rather use ReNoise than Shortcircuit - as good as it is.

I’m going to take a look into the effects stuff now. What a great program!