Basic Stupidity

fasttracker stylish sample splattern on rinoisah
peace, robert

Loved the pic, hated the tune. Really, it gave me a headache!!!

Good job. :P

There’s something really psycho going on here, it kept me listening but I won’t play it again as it was FAR from ‘easy listening’. It should be part of a visual experience, it’s more of an experience than a musical piece, if you know what I mean.

The song is fine!

That picture is what’s f****ed up! That’s freaking me out as much as Doom did when I was 14.

I was never freaked by Doom, I was freaked by clowns. Or not, don’t remember, but that tune sounds like something I’d be freaked of.

I thought I gonna hear some dull goa track but I was wrong!
What happenes after the first 2 minutes is simply briljant.
I like that kind of extreme shifts and nice melodies, Does me remind me of mouse on mars, but less chaotic, but more insane! yeh!!!

and that picture, simply briljant, and on my desktop right now.

runtime: 6:06 : D


edit2: it was visual and yes, clows are creepy ;D

edit3: suo kuokka ja jussi ja terva sauna ja perkele ja sisu ja puhti ja huhhuh, hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!!!

Woah. This is sick. The mood is so macabre.

Loved the tempo changes @ 3:10 or so.

I feel like a took a hit of acid after listening to this.

Words do not do justice to this song.


Hehe quirky! Did you just invent a new genre, robert?

Very nice composed!

Reminds me of the goa group Hallucinogen I think they were called.

it is enough now!
You intrigued me guys.
Gotta download it and check by myself ;)

Daaamn! It’s crazy-sick and anarchy!
Scares me alot :ph34r:
BTW: the video you post for this tune is great :)


huv to post…yesterday i accidentally find from HD my very first renoise track…made almost 2 years ago with renoise 1.281. those days i really don´t had registered renoise so track is recorded track by track with goldwave and put back together with cool edit multitrack mixdown system…guess where i find that i can put fxs on master track ;)


main inspirationov this track came from one drunken & heavy stoned friday after we leave our friend place…on bridge, next to my friend house, my other friend got “sick” from beer and he decide to puke, but wasn´t able to do it…so he said “i´ll try to shout so if can get something out”…there i was standing and laughing my ass of while my friend was shouting and puking on cars from bridge…st2pid enough for track :D

huvfun, rob

Ihan vitun sairas meininki! Loistavaa, ziikaa samalla kuvaa ja kuuntelee äijjän tuotosta :panic:

anotha track with same sample…suomi meininkii, sorry

Hyvät setit.

no ei ees oo, jumitusta…:[

Gives what promises :D