Basic System Requirements

I’ve just downloaded the registered version of Renoise. Unfortunately, my not so trusty PC is having trouble in the CPU department when it is running the program (even when listening to the demo songs!).
This isn’t such a big problem, as I plan to buy a new PC quite soon. In the meantime, is there anything I can do to remedy this? I have 1G of ram and Pentium 4 2.40 GHz.

Also, when buying a new PC, what should I look for? Budget is a concern, but not too much as nowadays the price of processors etc seems to be more affordable.
The main area I find confusing is the wide range of different processors available.
It leaves me scratching my head…
Thanks for any help.

I think your CPU should be more than enough to at least play some of the demosongs with no hassle, so there is probably something wrong in your soundcard settings (are you using ASIO or DirectX drivers? with which settings?), or something wrong in the system (a trojan eating resources or similar)

I’m using ASIO4all but I’m a bit confused as to setting it up…
I think there might be a trojan or something in there too, but I’m having trouble finding anything/ removing anything that makes a difference.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Regarding that trojan, try a deep scan with the free version of a-squared maybe.

As for a budget CPU you could try to get one of the older Q6600 or Q6700 CPUs, which should be pretty affordable currently.