Basic65 (32 bit VST plugin) stopped working

I’m using Renoise 3.3.2. I had two instances of basic65 running which produced sound, but I tried to open a third and I got an error message that said “Failed to initialize the plugin”. Since then, the plugin won’t load anymore, and old instances of it don’t produce any sound. I’ve tried restarting my computer, deleting the plugin and installing it again, installing it in another folder, another partition and an USB drive (just in case it was a permissions problem) and running jbridge on it (which gives the same error). I don’t understand what happened, because apparently there was no change which could trigger this situation at all.

Looks more like a plugin issue than host, but you can look in some directions:

  • does the plugin work in another daw ? → there might be some initial settings stored in renoise, but that would surprise me, these settings are rather stored in xnrs files afaik.
  • is there any troubleshooting doc for this plugin ? it might give a more efficient reset method… reinstalling can be not enough (files or registry keys can persist trough the reinstall)

Not saying that this has anything to do with the above, but let me just add here…

As far as I can tell the logic in Renoise is sometimes when it fails to initalise a plugin (for whatever reason) it can (if given the chance) add (blacklist) that plugin to a sqlite database file(s) called roughly ‘CachedFailedVSTxx.db’.

As soon as that blacklist happens (and it can be unknown to the user) Renoise won’t have anything more to do with the plugin. After all, the plugin crashes the host.

As far as I know the only way to get Renoise to reconsider the plugin when you ‘Rescan’ is to quit Renoise, manually delete the CachedFailedVSTxx.db file(s), reload Renoise and then maybe rescan.

Renoise is handling plugins and cache databases fairly transparently for the user(?) However (sometimes) maybe a touch more user control is needed(?) The user could clear the failed caches db files from inside Renoise(?) Warning displayed when Renoise is able to blacklist the plugin(?)

I’ve tried deleting the VST cache files (both failed and normal), but now the plugin doesn’t show up at all in the plugins list, even copying it to another location and rescanning. I’ve installed Reaper to see whether it worked in another DAW and it does work there, so my guess is there must be something wrong with Renoise. When I boot Renoise up, it spends a little while thinking while scanning the dll for this particular VST during the splash screen. I have to say I didn’t find an x86 failed plugins cache, only x64 - I don’t know if this might have to do with the problem.

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In case anyone has a similar problem and is wondering: renaming the dll fille of the VST fixed the problem. Renoise definitely has blacklisted the original, but I can’t find where the file containing the blacklist is.

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