Bass Traps

Does anyone here use bass traps? After investing in some rather nice Mackie’s and a sub I thought it would be a good idea to make some DIY bass traps which I’m thoroughly enjoying at the moment. I’m making 5 of them at 120cm x 60cm, using rockwool, felt underlay and barrier mat sheet (Something I read about in SoS).

At my listening position I can’t really hear any bass, sub bass is a total no no. At the edges of the room it sounds fairly sweet but obviously i’m not sat there. It’s even more evident there’s a problem when I listen to sub-bass bass drums through my roland headphones (Although I really don’t like mixing/composing with them as something just doesn’t seem right when i fire up the speakers).

Has anyone here built any bass traps in the past, has it made any difference to your mixing experience? Sometimes I wonder if this is all a bit overkill for essentially what is just a hobby!

I just have a sofa in my studio which works well for a basstrap.

Apparently. :)