Bassline/ 4x4 Garage/ Grime E.P.

Obviously the remixes were done with additional software [the mastering too] but here’s an E.P. I released under another pseudonym of mine, “Swedger”. Had some massive support from Kanji Kinetic, Thorpey, some Sub FM guys and other folks since its release but the label haven’t given me a penny despite it supposedly having sold a good few copies. Anyway, listen on Soundcloud or Juno Download and enjoy!

Ardeer/ Swedger

Also, anyone making bassline/ grime/ anything similar with Renoise? Would be cool to attempt a collab with someone on the same wavelength as myself.

Ouuuuuh yeeeah. Fresh sound. I wanna go in that direction. But my stuff often ends up being cheesy atm. :lol:

You have remixes on your EP. Did you have to ask the interpret before or do they don’t care today ?

Not the kind of stuff I listen to alot but I quite enjoyed the 3rd track. It’s simple, playful and effective. Nice one

I’ve tried something between trap and grime maybe? )
But composition is not good one i think…

Nice one !
All tracks at your EP are great!
I would like to go that way, but atm my projects end up as bunch of noise :]
take care!