Bassoon Tracker - Webbased old-school Amiga music tracker

(taktik) #1


Pretty impressive. Live demo is here:

(Circe) #2

It reminds me of protracker running in 1991 in my old Amiga 500. They were good years!

(Djeroek) #3

yep impressive indeed running in the browser. Came across it through the Renoise facebook group I think, amazing scope what kids have access to nowadays.

(ffx) #4

I wonder how this is realized? Thru canvas painting? That still seems to be pretty slow when it comes to huge areas, even today :badteeth:


Source code is also available:

(ffx) #6

Looks to me like very nicely structured and designed piece of source code. I think it is using canvas, yes. Maybe not 4k / Retina for performance reasons…