Batch Downloading From Amp

Is there any way to batch download all mods by a composer on AMP ( I’ve tried a few different download managers, but none of them resolve the PHP links.

Any ideas?

If you view-source on the php download page you’ll see the real url to the file gets triggered by a meta refresh in the tag. They probably did this exactly to stop people like you wanting to leech the entire site at once :D

Anyway, since those PHP links do actually go to valid content - an HTML page - the download managers are performing quite normally, although not quite as smart as you’d like.

(edited out old useless info)

Scratch that, I found a way :)

First off, download Teleport Pro. The demo version should be enough to get this done.

In Teleport Pro select “File > New Project Wizard”.

Choose “Search a website for files of a certain type”.

Enter the url and set the depth to 1.
In this case I’ve selected the list of mods by 4-mat from:…modules&view=10

The mods are stored on the site in .gz archives so add that filetype to the project properties.

Hit Next, choose a place to save the project file (this is also where the MODs will be saved).

Now start the project. It will scan through all the links on the page and eventually find the download links, then it’ll grab all of those, and then I think it finally processes those and grabs the actual files.

I tested it on a couple of other artists who only have 15-20 mods and it grabbed all those just fine. With artists like 4-mat who have huge collections it’ll probably take a while to scan through them all so be patient.

To be a little more polite to the amp website you should also consider reducing the max number of retrieval threads in teleport to 1 or 2 instead of the default (which is 5 or more I think).

Finally, if you need a utility to batch rename all these new files (adding the “.mod” extension to the end of the filename for example), I can highly recommend “ReNamer” from



WHoaw! 240 heatbeat mods entered the file protection program on my D drive. :) Thanks dblue!

really nice tool.
for batch renaming the modules you could also use the XP integrated dos-shell by changing to the respective directory and entering:
ren mod.* ..mod
ren xm.* ..xm

note that there is a spacebar between the first two wildcard stars.

Yep. I just love the extra power that ReNamer has. You can insert new strings at any position you want, remove certain characters or strings, do replacements, change case, re-order sequences of numbers, perform regular expressions, etc. Really comes in handy on hundreds of occasions for me.

it’s certainly a useful tool, no doubt about it.
the thing is that i have so many apps installed on my XP installation which is meanwhile 3 1/2 years old and i’m slowly losing overview… my start menu fills half the screen if i open the “all programs” entry and i therefore try to avoid installing anything further into this mess… because after a while, i won’t find it anyway anymore… ;)

If you are using total-commander, press ctrl-m while having a few files selected.

The DOS shell has been my friend since Win’95 was introduced…
I freaked out when i found out that XP didn’t supported old DOS apps anymore…
Well, in that case DosBOX saves my day… hey DosBOX even comes with a pretty good emulated GUS environment, so i can also watch all the old DOS demo’s :P

ctrl-m which stands for Mass-destruction?

dosbox is nice, but unfortunately far away from being “the real thing”.
i was able to get ft2 running nicely through dosbox, however there has always been a serious lag (ie. high latency) which disabled me to play instruments “live”.
most old demos and intros from the old days were running “ok” but not as good as they would do on an original setup.

i therefore gathered the contents of my attic and assembled and “oldskool” PC, with MS-DOS 7.0 and win95b in dual boot.
MS-DOS 7.0 is actually an extracted stand-alone version of the win95 dos, which is fully downwards compatible to the original ms-dos 6.22.

the PC actually consists of
some MSI socket7 mobo, Pentium 233mmx, 128mb of PS/2 EDO RAM, my 13 year old Gravis Ultrasound Classic 1MB which still works like on its 1st day, a SB32 AWE /w 2MB onboard, a ATI Rage PCI gfx-card being VBE 2.0 compliant and the usual mass-storage stuff.

i really gotta say that FT2 looks awesome on a 24" TFT ;)

the whole PC costs about 25 EUR (except for the GUS) and it’s WAY better than any emulation can get.
with emulation, you don’t “feel” the hardware limitations - which is a very important aspect for me when getting nostalgic again.

I got quite sad often when i found out most demo’s or music in demo’s didn’t work out because my GUS Max didn’t had this 1 MB (i only had 512KB on board).
I promise you, you don’t want to feel those hardware limitations.
(Besides, FT2 didn’t made the samples sound very fantastic on a GUS, Polytracker had some magic that could do the trick)

Also never liked the idea of demo compo’s where all the group-members squeezed their hands tight for their entry to show on the big-screen just because there was no guarantee that the demo would run for sure on the competition machine.
It might start but crash later, or it might deliver the complete audience a complete disappointment from start.

no, a mass-file-renamer. (dont know why its ctrl-m). I dont know about standalone-utilities, but this internal one of totalcommander seems to be great.

I am running Cubic Player with VDMS to get the nostalgic feeling from time to time. Downloaded all of the old “Radical Rhythms” Stuff recently

well, my whole PC is becoming a piece of nostalgia … I am again lagging 3-4 years behind the current state of the art. Still suits my needs though.