Batch midi mapping?

So… I bought a couple midi controllers recently.
I have about 186 renoise xrns projects in the folder.

I have a gig coming up next Saturday and figured out how to open multiple instances of Renoise to sort of DJ between them (really fun, thanks everyone).

Is there a way to set midi mapping parameters as a preference that autoloads for every xrns?
Will I have to go through all 186 files and repeat the mapping process?

My goal would be to have, say, a repeater, shelving unit and lofimat on each master track and have the midi controller effect the renoise instance that was currently engaged/selected.


I believe this tool will do this:

The goal is to save the entire MIDI mapping somewhere. This way it will be possible to use it in a multitude of projects. Start a new project & immediately get to control the knobs, faders & buttons of your physical MIDI devices.

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would you be able to apply the midi mapping retroactively via dragging and dropping XRNM files directly into an open projects window?

It seems like this will work for applying to projects going forward.

You know, I bought that tool a while ago and just kept putting off spending time to learn it But your posted got me motivated, and if understand this correctly, then yes, the mappings can be loaded into different songs and mappings set up for specific effects/devices will be applied

I have a Korg Volca FM synth and assorted parameters can be changed using CC commands I created a preset for the “Instr MIDI Control” to map sliders to those CC commands. I made a song using that on a track, and mapped the rotaries on an Akai MPKmini to 8 of those sliders, using MUC

I then saved those MIC settings, opened a new track, and when I added “Instr MIDI Control” and loaded my preset, and then loaded the saved MUC mappings, I had the MIDI mappings for my synth just as I set them in the other track.

Apparently, too, if you highlight any other device there seems to be default mappings (at least for the rotaries on my MPK). When I selected a different track, with no devices, there was an auto-mapping to stuff like volume and delay.

I need to play with this more, set up more devices and stuff, and see how it all works out. I don’t know how, for example, you might have a mapping to something stay active even when the focus is on a different track. For example, I might want those rotaries to always change the synth settings, even if I’m busy on some other track.

Hope this is helpful. It’s 20 euros, which if you can afford it seems a good price what it can do. If noting else I think it can speed up the workflow of ordinary usage of Renoise.

just to follow up for the sake of being complete – this tool didn’t help me with what I was trying to do.
I don’t regret buying it but I will be surprised if it ends up getting used at all going forward.

I do believe this is actually a RTFM scenario :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I see what you mean. I just tried to set up some mappings for devices on the master track.

The problem is, as best I can tell, that the MUC tool really only operates on the whatever track you have selected. I could map the master volume and control that while on another track, but not any of the devices (EQ, for example).

Disappointing if there’s no way to bind mappings to specific devices on specific tracks, because the ability to manage multiple tracks devices from a single piece of hardware, without having to constantly select each track, would be golden.

I will investigate this matter as soon as I have time, but I do not promise anything.

I’ll have to figure out a way to prevent errors if the previously linked item no longer exists.