Batch Process Time Stretch

Hi all. I want to cut up a longer file into lots of managable chunck, then time stretch each part to a specific amount of beats at a specific tempo. What would be the best thing to use? Needs to be able to proces a bach of files, and have the option to set the final atributes, not only as a relative to original sample.

I remember from using it a few years ago that Wavelab has batch file processing for most of the functions, but not tried it for timestretching. Does it support time stretching with the possibility to set the final length by tempo and beats/bars? Or maybe soundforge, which I always prefered as a program?

Or is there a standalone, or any other option, that you could recomend for doing this?

/me think maybe he should be asking on kvraudio (but generally stays off there)

I don’t know Wavelab, but Adobe Audition can timestretch and batch process, and run scripts, so that’s a good starting point along with Wavelab.

Waves Soundshifter is a good plugin for this purpose, but not cheap, and can be run in the above editors as part of a batch process I’d assume.

There’s a standalone app called (I think) Prosoniq Timefactory, which may well be able to batch process files.

Have had somebody recomend Ableton Live for this. using the warp markers to make sure beats are on time, then apperantly you can set markers and get it to export it as a cut up file, saving me from having to cut up the whole original file seperately.

Anybody had much experience with it? Not played with Ableton at all myself yet.

Yeah I guess. I was thinking about the being more useful when the timing isn’t as tight as it should be when in the realm of live artists, and thus helping syncopate things for syncronising with a sequenced arrangement.

But it was more the fact he was saying you could set basic markers in it, having it then export the sample between each marker all timestretched to the exact same length.

To be honest I’m probably thinking and worrying about this too much. For what I want cutting the original file into chuncks then using the Renoise beat sync mode will probably be sufficient (until I decide I want the track x BPM faster) anyway.

Had a look and Timefactory does batches, whereas I don’t think Soundshifter does. Bit of a moot point now anyway ;)