Batch Processed Fading According To Snap Settings In Sample Editor

Hey hello,

Was working on a track today and stumbled on something that I think could be useful to have in Renoise. I was working with a 2 minute stabby analoque synth sequence that didn’t sync well to the tempo.
As a work around I’ve used a couple of bpm synced vsts to cover up the drifting…


I’d like to be able to batch process fading in the sample editor according to snap settings. This so you don’t have to click & drag lill selections and press the fade buttons all the time across longer samples that need tidying up or to achieve a gating section.

Just select a region in the sample editor / press a batch button or something and multiple fades are processed automatically across the sample, sort of like a gating script.



What, nobody thinks this is a nice feature to have? :( Or maybe my suggestion isn’t clear enough?

Well, thats maybe a bit too specific.

Why don’t you track some volumes in the pattern and then render selection this this?

“Why don’t you track some volumes in the pattern and then render selection this this?”

I’ve also thought about just tracking volume patterncommands (or use envelopes), and ctrl+p’ing them to eternity to achieve a ‘similar’ effect. Haven’t thought about rendering it in, but I just checked and this introduces latency which I’m not a fan of.

No the thing is, sometimes it’s nice to have multiple fades processed inside the sample for editing & loop purposes. Especially since we have snapping now, the process could be speeded up with this added feature.

The batch processing could also affect the other assets like reversing / xfade, cross reversing, copy / pasting (<- in wavelab this is called 'multiple copies, where copies are added next to eachother-> make a quick 4 to the floor kick loop according to snap).
And it would be cool with ‘mix paste’ as well if that ever gets implemented :) Nice for drum manipulations etc.

I think this task (and many others) could simply be done with something like Sample Envelopes. (similar to instrument env. but tied to the sample)

Maybe if the instrument editors envelope windows wouldn’t be bound to ticks, but could have the same resolution (09 effect, beats with snapping, samples & ms) as the corresponding sample in the sample editor, yeah.