Batch Sample Editing

Okay okay, I know this idea/suggestion is kind of like, “WTF?! ReNoise isn’t a frackin’ sample editor!” But, my friend, yes it is. It’s one of the more intuitive ones I might add! And although I like renoise, it’s not the only sample playback/sequencer I use and sometimes I have a lot of samples I have to downgrade for, say, my hardware sampler. It would be oh-so-nice to have the ability to select all instruments/samples in the instrument panel and have a ‘batch format edit/export’ option. I.E. the ‘adjust’ button on the sample editor so I could change all samples into the same format in one click then just drag them over to the file browser window and be done.

Again, it wouldn’t be the most used feature of the majority of users here, but no one ever said this forum was for suggestions and ideas for the masses…just ideas and suggestions.

How 'bout it? :)