Battery 4 & OSX

I am trying to get Native Instruments Battery 4 to work on OSX with Renoise 3.0.

The AU version initializes but produces no sound. The plugin’s meters show activity, but nothing gets to Renoise.

The VST version initializes, but if you try to show the plugin GUI, Renoise crashes.

Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?

I’m a big battery fan…but I don’t see the point in running Battery within Renoise. 90% of the stuff you can do in the native sampler.

But to answer your question, I’ve had no issues with this setup in Windows

I just like the sample library of Battery. My drum samples are impossible to sift through, and filled with duplicates. :slight_smile:

True, I just load those samples into Renoise. I find Battery difficult to mix with for some reason…but…

You can automate loop start/end points!

hrm… I never had any luck with the AU version - no sound, as you said. But I haven’t had crashing problems with VST, either. I suggest you make sure you’re up to date with Renoise and Battery. Also, don’t open the AU in the same session. I’ve found that if I open the AU version of a plugin, close it, and then open a VST, it crashes. So just start Renoise fresh and try to load the VST.

Also, if you have Battery in your template song, take it out. Renoise doesn’t seem to like NI samplers in the template (it always crashes like crazy for me).

I’ve stopped using Battery in favor of Renoise’s built-in sampler… but you’re right that the Battery library is nice, and as a drum sampler it has some good features. I’ll give the VST version a try later and see if it works.

But don’t even bother with AU for Battery or Kontakt.

i use AU for Kontakt, and VST for battery. It’s a pain to get up and running the first time on a new install, but then seems to remain stable (for me).

I’m on Yosemite with NI Complete 9.