Battery Vst Kb Mapping To Renoise

Does anybody know if there is a easy way to map the Battery VST drum kit to the QWERTY keyboard in Renoise?

If you use Battery as a VSTi in Renoise than you don’t need to do anything.

If you can’t trigger the samples with Q,W,… try lowering the keys for a few octaves.

If you mean Battery as a standalone… well, that’s not the Battery forum and we don’t give a f*ck!

… just kidding :lol:

You can use the computer keyboard for standalone too. Don’t know the details, tho.

If you mean mapping specific keys to specific samples/cells, you can do that, there’s the option inside Battery (map, or midi learn…), anyway the manual will tell you more.

VST keyboard up octave is assigned to “*” on the number pad. Mi ain’t got no number pad on the lappy and I can’t seem to get another key to assign to Octave Up. So that’s why it is quite important.

Also when I change the keymappings in Battery, they say “C3” but the qwerty don’t play it.

Basically I think this VST is fu**** going through MR QWERT.


I use a laptop too.

For octave up/down I use the keys ‘?’ and ‘pause’.

I don’t really use Battery in Renoise (I use the Renoise sampler), but I tried it now and had to go two octaves lower, so that the key ‘Q’ became the C-3 note.

The C-3 triggered the cell on the top left in Battery.

So yes, it works with the QWERTY.

Analoga Batteria:

are you aware of the fact that you can change the keyboard assignments for octave up/down actions?

Config => Keyb/Mouse

this way, you can choose a more comfortable key assignment for you, as ermi did