Battle Toronto


I have just finished working on my new track. Inspired by all the Battle For Terra, Battle Los Angeles, Battle Whatever movies, I decided to compose something in that vein and see how it’s gonna work out. So let me know whether you think this movie score would fit to this kind of epic_battle_with_aliens type of scenes.


Epic score :) what sounds or vst you use? :)

I mostly used Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra for this tune.

Christ that VST sounds awesome. Great job. Is there a big Toronto Renoise community? I’m fairly new to both.

Yeah, it indeed sounds very good. I don’t think there is anything that sounds better currently on the market (at least I’m not aware of anything better). However, as someone who doesn’t have any education in orchestrating, I find it quite difficult to use it, since there are so many instruments there with cryptic names. So for me it sometimes takes a lot of time to find the right sound that I’m looking for.

I don’t know how big Toronto Renoise community is. I see sometimes people from Canada posting here, but I believe I saw mostly cities like Calgary or Vancouver. It would be interesting to know, though :)

I use Renoise… and live in Toronto! I’m pretty new (to Renoise). Not sure about anyone else though.

My music:

So there are three of us already, eh :)