Bazzline From Synapse Audio Orion => Renoise 2 ?


I love using the “Bazzline” sound from Synapse Audio Orion v7. I would like to know if it was possible for having a sample .WAV looks like Bazzline sound and for using any effects from a known VST Plugin : Tune, Cutoff, Reso, Env AMT, Decay, Accent, Acc Env, Slide.

If all is ok, I think that I could use all these effects in realtime and I could record notes+effects in the pattern under Renoise 2, no ?

Thank you for your help,



render that sound in orion to .wav, close orion.
open renoise, import that previously rendered .wav into renoise.
have fun.


Thank you but I use already this option ! I wanted to know if there is way shorter for having this “Bazzline” under Renoise 2.

Recently, I learnt that I can use “Midi Yoke” with Orion 7 under Renoise 2 but I don’t know to use this option after reading the manual :frowning:

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vizion, I will reply to both your similar topics: by using Midi Yoke you are just sending MIDI data (notes, events) from one application to another, you are not transferring audio data, and there is no way to do this under Windows as long as one of the applications does not support Rewire (Renoise doesn’t).

in Mac and Linux you can share audio streams (through CoreAudio and JACK respectively), but not in Windows (well, there is also JACK for Windows actually, but I don’t think it’s been released yet in a final version).