Bb3 - The Missing File

As I promised, here’s what I have done with the bb3 samples just one day before leaving for the Netherlands and one day after I arrived (just in time to see the compo ending).
This is obviously incomplete and poorly structured… but I guess it can still light a bulb or two…

Parsec - Beachparty
:drummer: :yeah: :lol:


If you had joined the contest, maybe you should have won!! It sounds different… IT’S COOL!!! I can’t imagine it if it was complete and richly structured…

I would like to see the rns file, to rip your sound manipoulation techniques…

Cool song, I love it

Thank you guys… ;)
About the RNS, facing such a request, I can’t really keep it for me :rolleyes:
Here is it… Beach Party RNS
I have warned you about the incomplete state so I don’t really know if I have deleted unused samples or so… I did not even converted samples from stereo to mono… however… this is what you asked for, here you have it :)

Well thanks for your input, Mr. Anonymous…

Would you be so kind as to tell us why you thought it sucked?

And why don’t you register and post some of your creations, so we can give them the reviews that they deserve?

This is only something to ignore. There´s nothing worth to give a word to THIS!
except maybe something like shut up or stop spamming, but I think would be against the forum rules.

Parsec: Really nice head banging rocking dancish track. I really would prefer to hear a finshed version. :)

Now I have to check the rns-source B)

I’m a little dissapointed in all the songs that used the probass sample… Am I the only one having a problem with this one? It’s horrible!

Well, can’t criticize you for that… perhaps I could criticize your lack of judgement? ;)

Anyway, I didn’t like this song very much. You’ve built up quite some expectations with your BB1 entry you know! :) I like all the build up swooshes and effects and the song is all together nicely outlined but the congas… sound like they are being played inside a box or something and they also sound a bit chopped off.

So my suggestion for you if you’re planning to finnish this would be to try and filter out the high elemnts of the bass and placing the congas way back in the mix, maybe with some more reverb.


a “technical” question for you… I saw the rns file and I noticed that in the “auto high pass” track (number 3) there are 2 compressors working togheter… In which cases is this useful?? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

:drummer: see you :drummer:

Well… as you see by looking at the DSP chain in that channel, the 2 compressors are not working “one after the other” (that would be not very usefull). Between them there is a Delay and EQ-10x. Therefore what comes out of the first compressor is processed again by two other effects and reaches the end of the chain as a brand new sound.
But to correctly answer your question (“in which cases is this usefull?”) I must point out that they are simply “not working toghether”. Every compressor is doing his indipendent job by compressing what it received from the previous effect. What the first compressor receives is different from what is received by the second… so there is no real connection apart from the fact that they are both on the same channel ;)