Bb4 Contest : Vocal Samples Allowed?

Can I use vocal samples in the contest?


OMG… are those rules THAT complicated to understand?? :w00t:

is it ok i use fruityloops instead?!.. . .



  • you cannot use samples which are not included into the samplepack
  • you can edit the allowed samples into renoise
  • you cannot use VST plugins (instruments or effects)
  • you can use renoise’s built-in DSP effects

It probably would have been better to advertise the rules in just three lines:

-Only Renoise and the supplied samplepack.
-No tools, plugins and samples that are not referenced on the contest page.
-How you use the samplepack within Renoise is up to you, the use of all available Renoise native tools are allowed.

Yeah, my melody will sing : “It is winter, oh it is so cool, so much snow, drinking like a fool…”

+Plus: I like that nice wave effect, reminds me of those hot beach days, no matter if the theme is winter, I can shurely use it ! After all surfing is possible at -20 C, right?


Superb :D I’m sitting here singing along. :lol: