BCR2000 Duplex edit

I’m re-arranging the BCR2000MixerEffect.lua. I want EffectEncoders2 to be just the(one) selected device parameters, versus the current infinite device chain parameters. I figure I need to place this self._num_devices = 1 somewhere around here ```
Effect = {
mappings = {
parameters = {
group_name= “EffectEncoders2”,

device = {
group_name= “Buttons2”,
page = {
group_name= “ControlButtonRow2”,
index = 1,

Edit: So when the duplex effect option is set to “all parameters (device)”, the selected device parameters are distributed/displayed correctly amongst parameter encoders. When “mixer parameters (track)” is selected as the duplex effect option, the selected dsp device becomes irrelevant and the shown mixer/slider parameters become an endless string or series amongst the encoders. It seems that the selected device behavior should be constant amongst the duplex effect options, otherwise device selection appears half-broken when using mixer subsets.

Indeed, yes. Using parameters subsets means that the device selector becomes irrelevant.
If the device selector was able to act as an additional filter (e.g. to show only visible mixer parameters from a specific device), you would need a slightly different type of selector which was also able to select ‘no device’ (a.k.a no fiiltering/show all parameters in subset), in order to maintain the current functionality.
I’m really not sure if this extra complexity is worth the trouble…only when the subset contains an awful lot of parameters would such filtering seem handy