Bcr2000 Help

There’re knobs in some vstis you can’t just right-click & midi learn.
How do you assign those? I tried midi mapping with no luck.

please be more specific: which knobs of which VSTi? Make an example. There are chances that the VSTi you are failing to MIDI learn do not support this function

The one I’m having this issue with is Photone of the NI Electronic Instruments serie. Can midi learn everything but the knobs.
The thing is the knobs that can’t be midi learnt can be control with the BCR when CC numbers do match. So is it possible to assign them without trying every single CC number?

Afraid not, what I ususally do is just map every single thing to a knob on a midi controller… just keep tweaking till i find the parameter i want… then reinit the patch and away we go.

by the way your name makes these boards not-work-friendly

lucky i dont work =)