Bcr2000 Settings

I can’t get the BCR to receive any MIDI signal from Renoise.
Installed it, downloaded latest drivers. It’s in USB mode.
In Renoise, in Edit -> Preferences -> MIDI I put “BCR200 [1]” in Midi Mapping In Device A (B is the Microkorg and is working fine).
I try to assign let’s say the filter cutoff of z3ta : I create a Vsti Automate Device, press Ctrl+M, click the orange ‘No Mapping’ slider then assign a CC No in Midi Mapping. On the BCR I set a knob to learn mode, try to turn the knob and move the slider in Renoise. Nothing happens.

What do I do wrong?

renoise does not support MIDI feedback, if this is what you are trying to achieve

Alright, thx.
So I assign knobs with the Edit function but for some reasons it’ll not work for all knobs… For instance I try to assign the filter resonance to E34 with no success but it’ll work on E37.
Someone can explain that?

I have a bcr here and can assign every parameter to every knob / button

Sure you can. The question is why I can’t ;)

dunno mate, it’s Behringer so it can be anything :)

I’ve had problems with a previous model before, where it would suddenly slip into some kind of hibernation / standby mode with Renoise. Only a few lights lid up and you couldn’t do anything with it.

After asking around on messageboards trying to find out what could be the cause (drivers / usb ?)… eventually I just gave up & traded it in for a new model at the dealer. They have a new policy now that a year after purchase you can trade all Behringer stuff for new units. I recommend you to do this if you still have waranty.


  • the new bcr works perfectly with renoise

also check their site for new drivers. for example, BCR2000 1.1 drivers are a lot better than 1.0, which use to give blue screens

Got the latest drivers already. I guess I’ll just send it back if I don’t figure anything out within a few days.

Got it. It’s just some CC# I can’t assign but I can use the knob picking a different number.

May I ask you how you set up the bcr for renoise use?

I have the feeling I’m only using 4.9% of the capacity of that machine and missing out on some interesting set-ups.
For example, I’ve never made a renoise preset in it or something, basically just ctrl+m & twist a knob thing.

Well it’s only day 2 with the BCR so I ain’t gonna teach you anything.
A preset for Renoise sounds useless to me. Presets for songs do sound promising.
For now, I’m just doing the presets for the most used vstis.

For those who don’t have them yet I recommend getting this and this printed (with parsimony) and cut.
The guy who uploaded them said they’re better than the original ones but there was none inside the box.