Be Able To "delete Selection"

I feel somewhat audacious having my first post be in the “suggestions” forum, hopefully I’m not beating any of the numerable dead horses or anything like that.
I am an aspiring musician, and have been playing with Renoise for a while now, and I am considering whether I should purchase it or not. It really just depends on if I can do more with it than I could MPtracker, so we’ll see.

Anyway, it would speed up things if you were able to delete a selection of notes, volumes, effects, etc., all in one go. No need in my opinion for another shortcut, just when selected, it should be deleted when you press “delete.” I think it would be a step closer to an intuitive program, but maybe that’s just me. Regardless, I’m sorry if this has been posted already or if it (doh!) is already implemented. If so, please enlighten me. :)



Afaik there is no shortcut for delete selection. But there is LCtrl+X = cut selection (i.e. clears and copies selection). The delete button is used for deleting a single note, effect etc so it wouldn’t really work to use that one…

Hi and welcome :)

I recommend you to go through all the hotkeys in Renoise - configs - Keyboard/Mouse. Choose ‘Patterneditor’ in the dropdownbox and have a look at keys and functions for editing the pattern.

By default you can delete a block (selection) with Ctrl+X or LAlt+F3.
You can of course change this to whatever you like.

Have fun

Well Mpt is really nice. But when it comes to vsts/vstis it´s far from Renoise.
Also the pattern arranger is better in Renoise.

Yeah, I really like the program itself, especially the enormous power in contrast to MPtracker. It’s like moving from a squirt gun to a bazooka.
But, the squirt gun had a comfortable handle, and I’ve been using it for a while, so it’s weird going to something else. There are just a few crazy quirks that I don’t understand.

I hope I don’t come across as a “WEAR R ALL MY FEATURZ???” noob, who acts like that because he isn’t used to it. Because, I have in fact gone through that huge manual, and have in fact been using “Lctrl X” to “delete” selections… It’s just I find this a little… I dunno, irksome. Because sometimes, I have something on the clipboard I already cut, and the place I want to paste it is on top of a big mess of notes and volumes and stuff. So when I paste it, I have to go around it, and “Lctrl X” all around what I want to be there… and so on. It just seems more intuitive to be able to simple select a portion of the pattern, hit delete, and paste what you had on the clipboard where you wanted it. If not, control X works fine. I’m just throwing in those two cents everybody is talkin’ about. :P



P.S. I’ve gone through a couple tutorials, but I’m trying this program because I hit sort of a “dead end” in Modplug when I could not get what I wanted it to sound like out of the tracker. And I’m pretty sure it’s because of my skills, so I don’t know if switching programs is going to do me any good, even if this thing does have a lot of power and potential. If anybody has any pointers on how to deal with this situation, let me know, I’d appreciate it.

Dont worry, keep asking questions :)

I guess there should be an ‘delete selection’ function there too.
A workaround could be to use a different clipboard when you cut.
You have 4 clipboards. Change clipboard with LAlt+1-4.
Also rightclick the selection to see what options you got.

You should not give up the program just yet ;)


Also when speaking of copy/cut/paste, you should check out Advanced Edit.
There you can filter out what data to be copy/cut/pasted in your selection.

Not being able to get the sound you want the way you want to do it, the way you imagine it in your head can really kill creativity! Been there. Are there frequently. Will be there again in the future, but less now with Renoise. :)

Just give it time and you’ll even get used to having space PLAY the song in stead of turning record on. :P I’m an ex-ft2-user, so I know the feeling!!