Beastie Boys - So What Cha Want (Shaper_2012 Remix)

Hi all,

(posting in off-topic, if there’s a better place lemme know? :)

The previous Shaper album was released in 2005 and since then we’ve been in kind of a hiatus. Recently though we’ve started going back to the studio and I’m glad to say a new album is currently in the making which will be released this year!

Anyway, here’s a little remix I worked on yesterday (its not an album track, but my tribute to Adam Yauch aka MCA). Its a good example of our new sound though. Less Prodigy influenced and more back to our hiphop roots I guess. Anyway, here it is!

Needless to say this remix and the new album are 100% Renoise based, the new autoseek feature plays a crucial part in all our rap sections!

Please help spread this link, also to the Shaper FB page : as we currently dont have many followers, which is understandable as nothing happened for like 4 years.

Thanks for your support!!

Celsius / Shaper