Beat battle anyone ...

Hi there, this is just a suggestion to all the hiphop producers out there.
What do you guys think about a beatbattle; a set of samples (no vsti’s) and renoise ?
And see what everybody comes up with in a limited period of time (for ex. 2 weeks)
Feedback much appreciated.




sounds like fun :D

i’m up for it!


i’d probably give it a shot

i dont really make/listen to much hip-hop (gorillaz…and beck. only hip-hoppish albums i own), but i know its fun to make.

though it’d probably come out reeeeal fukt-up :ph34r:

me too.


Can’t wait to hear you contribution celsius :)

If you’re as good to make hip-hop as you’re at making electronic/techno, I probably aint got a chance in this contest :lol:

but yeah, BRING IT!!!

~Dufey :yeah:

would be able to add our own samples?

i’d like to be able to add vocals of some sort

but i dunno, that sorta goes against the base idea of the contest

unless you make it so we can use our own samples, but only our own vocal samples. how’s that sound?

I’m also in as soon as you release the samples :guitar:

I’d sugest that we go for a fixed samplekit (so no samples added nor vsti’s) but the question remains how we construct the sample kit ? And where do we put it for download ?

@ gwylim If you want to add your own raps why not :wink: So we can check your mc-skills.

So how many samples go in the kit ? who want to contribute a sample And most important where can we place the kit 4 download ?

i swear to christ i’m telling this thing to remember me :(


i would love a hip hop compo. after being stuck in a cast for so long and unable to basically do anything, i’m extremly eger to get back to renoise, my tables and my guitar. :)

Word @ celsius:
The sample kit is being compiled and will be ready b4 the weekend (no straightforward shit should be expected…) so y’all know what to do over the weekend :D I just need a place where i can drop it for download. Anyone ?

can we add atleast our own drums ?

or lets say, own drums and one additional sample.

well, we should all be clear on it before the compo starts…

i say no extra samples. not sure what everyone else thinks though.

(forget my vocal-only samples idea; it would taint the compo)

I’m curious!
If you send me that compo-pack, when it’s done, I’ll give it a browse and see what comes out! :lol:

Ok peeps,

I mailed the samplepack to Neil (shapermusic) so hopefully we get it online b4 the weekend. Feedback about the samples is welcome.


any news? only it’s getting to the end of saturday (at least here in NZ) <_<

i got an ftp that can link through html as a last resort.

Aight here we go! :)

check out the rules and the deadlines … let us know if there are any unclear points or questions you may have … have fun :)

Design rocks, go Jackie! :D