so i’ve started up the first of what will be many new solo projects ‘beat.dowsing’ this one will host my downtempo output.
i’m thinking 2.7’s newly introduced slicing function is going to come in incredibly handy in the completion of this record :)
i’ve got a couple tracks finished, all renoise of course! hope you dig!

funky bassline and nice mood,

.small niggle: would have lowered the level of those percussion shakers in the left channel if I was mixing this, compared to the other elements to loud imo.

thx and thx for the tip, i’ll look into it, these tracks are definitely still beta! :D



carmen chiles-candles in harlem (beat.dowsing remix)

beat.dowsing-frequency is your identity

a few more finished for this project, all renoise! :)

Chill stuff my friend!
Keep adding…

Nice & chill indeed!

thanks guys, will do! :)

another! this time a remix of lumeet (or as us old tracker heads more likely know him vae/aleksi virta/etc.)

a few more done from my new album, the debut of the beat.dowsing project & my first release in almost 2 years! ‘trigger.melodies’ coming soon to!