Beat Follower

We have the Signal Follower which is great, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a Beat Follower?
I imagine a similar device as the Signal Follower, but the Beat Follower triggers an envelope each time there is a note input in the track.
It could be a simple envelope like the custom LFO envelope and it could control the behaviour of any parameter just like the Signal Follower.

Just a suggestion. :)

This is already possible and super easy to do with a Velocity Tracker or Key Tracker linked to an LFO.

Here’s an example:
2673 renoise-beat-follower.xrns

Ah, of course, i didn’t think of that. I haven’t used velocity tracker much before, but i thought it worked different than i see now in your example.
Thanks, and sorry for my stupid suggestions. :P

Edit: My device would make it a bit easier though, nice for lazy people like me. :lol:

perhaps an .xrnt bundled with Renoise that does it.