Beat In Dream Minor

Beat in Dream Minor

not one break, o my

Nice space, restraint helps the groove. I like the more melodic movements when there was more going on than just the curly chord movement. A little surrealistic MCing would finish this off nicely.

12/8 abstract hiphop. awesome!

i love the synths & the filters, and the koto lead. i need to listen to this on speakers when i get home to get full effect of the part where the bassline goes crazy.

the bassline seems overbearing starting about 3:15, it’s so loud it even takes away from the perceived punchiness of the drums.

other than a couple of level issues, this seems masterfully crafted and i really enjoy it. it’ll stay on my playlist for a while :)

thanks a lot. i’ve been having issues with volume and presence using audiorealism bassline… as i change parameters the volume is drastically changed. could have fixed this if i spent more time mastering but i was losing steam. more coffee :D

i had similar difficulty after using otiumFX Basslane VST on a song…
it would sound fine in renoise playback, until i brickwall limited the wav for mastering, and then the bass would be WAYY too loud…
it took me 2 or 3 hours of listening, adjusting, listening on different speakers, adjusting, just to tweak the bassline levels :(

brutal. at least you got it :D