Beat Maching

When you have a drum loop (cropped to length maybe), a feature to automatically set its pitch so it plays in time with the current tempo

Have you tried the Sync feature on such samples? It may be what you’re looking for. Just activate it and set the pattern length to sync to and then the sample is in sync with the tempo.

Check the sync option in the sample properties:

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It’s already there:

Select your sample, go to Instrument Settings and look for the Sync option in Sample Properties. Just click it and you’re done.

The setting next to it says how many lines the sample should span. It’s usually automatically set according to the sample length so it rarely needs adjustment.

With this option on, the sample will always play in a pitch that maps it within the selected number of lines. If you change the tempo, the pitch will automatically change accordingly.

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  • use the sync option in the sample properties.

Yay ! implemented before i even thought of it :D

But anyhow… cheers !

I tend to like doing the 09xx interpolation trick… lay out notes all the way down the track, every row, then add 0900 at the first effect row, and 09ff at the last, and then interpolate the effect column… it will then snap your sample entirely to the pattern length using a very raw sounding timestrech. Autechre, eat your heart out.

This trick is really cool once you start messing with different pitches too ;)

nice trick
im gonna try this in the weekend,thanx for sharing :dribble:

I often forget that not everyone knows all these oldschool tracker tricks :P

Do you know of any more tricks the new school could make use of?


I know some, but they’re kind of irrelavant with DSP effects inside renoise…


yah… alot of tracker tricks are rendered useless by things like delay, chorus and phaser. One that I still often use though, and is now easier in Renoise is when I want higher resolution but I don’t want to increase the pattern size. If I’m in speed 6, I can double my resolution by putting F3 in the vol or pan column on the first note I want triggered, and d3 on the second note, which is in a note column beside the first. This kills the first note just in time for the second one to play.

funnily enough I made a video illustrating this a few days ago. if anyone is interested