Tutorial Video: Timestretching With 9xx

just made this. wanted to try make a video…

Dude, that was pretty cool.

I learned a few tricks (or more like, I learned I neglect a lot of tricks that I should be doing!)


thanx will see this later today

thanks guy. this was enlightening, i feel dumb, i’ve been doing that interpolating thing by hand all this time, definitely a useful function.

im gonna use this tip later today,its a really nice video

btw,when you have placed the 09 command on the first and last,what first it you had to press to get the commands in between put in??

in advanced edit at the top is the Selection mask,

selecting either:
selection in pattern

Selection in pattern - Applies to the current selection in the current pattern  

track in pattern

Track in pattern - Applies to the whole track in the currently selected pattern  

with Selection in pattern:
you need to have both start and end 09xx offsets selected.

with Track in pattern:
you just make sure you have a start and end 09xx offset.

don’t know if it was mentioned yet, but you can reverse interpolate starting with 09FF and end with 0900. it sounds wild, if you space it out. pieces of a sample going forward while the whole sample is actually going backward.

and then the different interpolations:

* Lin - Create a linearly range from start to end  

a linear interpolation curve is a perfect diagonal line

* Log - Create a logarithmic range from start to end  

a logarithmic interpolation curve starts fast and ends slow
through a sample it would sound as if skipping fast through the beginning and slow at the ending.

* Exp - Create an exponential range from start to end.  

an exponential interpolation curve starts slow and ends fast
through a sample it would sound as if slowly moving through the beginning and skipping fast at the ending.

thanx for exlaning this to me choice.
im gonna experiment with this tonight :dribble:

hey patto, why did you set the second 09xx command to 09F8? why wouldn’t you set it to 09FF? i don’t understand the concept behind that. could you enlighten me?

Nice video patto!

When I think of timestretching I think of JUUUUNNNGLLLLEEEEE IIIISSSS MMMMAAASSSSIIIVVVEEE, in other words vocals stretched like a mofo :slight_smile:

Maybe you can create a part two on timestretching? showing speed 3 to 1 stretches on vocals, playing a lill more with patterncommands & pitchsliding experimentations? Wish I could make tutorials myself :frowning:

nevermind i figured it out.

sure, give me some vocal samples and more ideas ;)

making videos isn’t very hard. I use Camtasia to record the screen and sound but of course you need time to waste.

Thank’s for making this tutorial!