Beat..(/ Part)..Preview ((On Track))

Hello all,

Not sure if this was posted earlier, but this would be really awesomelly useful.

One could construct beats, and loops…

…and then preview them later on (so that they would be played back), and load them (if preferred) into songs.

This could also include VST settings, such as VSTiplugin data, and the FX settings on channel to make it even more perfect.

I guess something along these lines has been proposed earlier - but what would be really awesome, is that the sample and note data on the saved tracks including the FX settings would get saved.

are you talking about “track saving” ?

I think this means more along the lines of clip saving, no?
save a pattern and the dsp/vst chain etc that can be loaded into a song as you please?

Shame we have to guess!

sorry but dont really know what you mean :unsure:

i have the same problem :D

Yeah, what I had in mind, would be similar to track saving, including all the samples / instruments that were used on the track.

Guess this has been proposed already…


(…in the end no different to “track save” - only with a preview function, but perhaps that would not even be necessary…)

then i have to say +1 :)

Track/column in song saving, track/column in pattern saving…? I say yay!