beat slicing vs sample offset? tips?

I noticed after looking at several project files, that a lot of folks choose to use the S command for sample offset, rather than using the beat slicer.

I have also noticed a lot of crazy finesse. However, theres a lot of hexadecimal fiddling, stuttering, and precise jumps happening that looks like some shortcuts might have been used in achieving the effects.

for example, a loop plays and a long list of “S00…S10…S20…S3…” is happening to get a stutter or stretched sound. Is it necessary to manually enter in hundreds of S commands or is there an interpolation method for that?

Another example would be a fast breakcore sample that jumps around using the S method and hex values, is there a better method than typing in the hex values until you finally hear one that lines up with the beat?

There is an interpolation function which you can use. See here

you can make few phrases with drumbeats and then shuffle them :slight_smile:

If you look at the sample waveform, you can set a ruler that shows all the 0S points, making it easy to see where the different parts are.