Beat Sync With Drumloops

hi im trying to get the tempos pitch to sync with it i have a drumloop playing at about 170 and its original tempo is way lower than that so if i check the beatsych option and sync it up the tempo is right but the pitch is too high and the fine tuning control doesnt have any effect.

also tried to lay the beat out using the 09xx command but that was less than successful even tho i did make some cool effects :)

is there something im doing wrong?

could someone please help?

The beatsync option changes both tempo and pitch. There’s no way to time stretch (leaving the pitch unchanged) in Renoise. My best advice is that you do this in another sample editor.

Btw, the fine tuning also affects both tempo and pitch, but it’s disabled when beatsync is activated.

You might want to have a look at this thread… there you can find suggestions about cutting pieces from the original beat and pasting em as new single instruments… at that point you can build your beat back with the saved pieces… each piece sounds with its original pitch + you can adjust tempo (almost) as you like :)

Well. 9xx - effects will work, if the loop is exactly 4,8 or 16 beats long and there is no silence at the end of the sample.

32 beats

ok i will checkk it out thanks guys