Beatbattle 6

Anyone has an idea about when the next beatbattle is coming?

Maybe the winter vacations we have in december/january would be a good time…

Don’t know abou any plans, but I’d like to see a pre-release competition a moment before Renoise 2.0 or so.

A good time would be at Renoise 2.0 release, then people can study XRNS’s of what others have done with the new features.

I registered about a year ago and I still haven’t seen one yet :<

we do need one. the only issue is organization. it has to be more ordered than the OHC when the organizer was drinking. you know who you are ;) actually that one went rather smooth

Don’t beatbattle’s (<-I think the name is still lame :slight_smile: ) always happen shortly after a renoise update? So extra interest is generated etc. Hopefully we’ll see an update soon.

edit: just to be clear; I don’t think Renoise isn’t perfect/workable/stable already :slight_smile: / just can’t wait to see what extras there’ll be in the update :slight_smile:

I’m also unpatiently looking forward to it.

As long as I can do something noisy for the next BeatBattle, I’m fine :P

Whatever the next theme, I will make a beatless entry

Now that’s more like it!!

im gonna enter, but im going to make a battleless entry ;)

I missed no.6 :o

what happens if the theme is ‘beats’?

Don’t make me quote myself ;)