BeatBattle VI

Hi :)
I read somewhere here that there will be a BeatBattle when 2.0.0 final will be available. So I have a question. Do you (orgs) plan to let us (participants) use some free vst effects/synths in our entries? It was allowed for example in Madtracker online compos. A list of allowed plugins were announced. How do you think?


I’m not one of the organizers, but I think your requested vst(i) addition to the next BB compo sounds highly unlikely. Renoise is a multiplatform program running on pc , Mac & Linux. There aren’t many plugins out for all systems. Or would every platform have their own set of plugins? That wouldn’t be fair imo.

I think it is more likely, if there is going to be a compo at all :-), that they’ll base it around a new feature/something Renoise 2.0 specific.

Wouldn’t mind using vst in a compo as you propose, I suck at stringing together the internal dsp’s.

You have a point Jonas, I forgot that VST is Windows Plug-in Format. Now I see it’s not as simple as I thought.

Besides the multiplatform limitation (VST specific platform only issues), there is also the problem about availability of the plugins.
You may download the plugins freely, most copyright licenses do not allow us to offer a copy of those packages from our own server and require a link to their downloadpage. There is no guarantee how long a plugin can be downloaded. It would not be very nice if the winner-songs are downloadable from our server while the required plugins are no longer available.

So that’s another big reason why we don’t allow plugins.
Recording audio is allowed but it is restricted to vocal recordings or generated snippets from your own pattern, using the given samplepack.

Can’t wait for BB6 :)