Beatbattle & Xrns Demo Song


i just like NOW ./. like TODAY saw that there was a kickass compo with bloody uber prices.
and i can’t figure out of that bb5 is over or not. i can still load samples bla but the
page says deadline 2nd of june.

another question is. do you guys want one of my xrns as demo song?
it’s full of renoise dsps and only ~60kb big ;)

it has demonstration of eqs, filtes, phaser, comps, distortion, delay, mverb abit mastering.

the original song was a old small 20kb mod of mine, so yes, i kept the original 8bit samples
from back then … now i’ve added one of my amenbeats and a ride to it …

if needed i’ll add another one. 36kb big and also renoise dsp’s only.
d&b and also old as the other one ;)

No further comment.

shhh! Let him do!
His stuff is usually dope.

2nd june … like what? 2012 … h3h3 …


you think my stuff is dope? :blink: :o

btw, why use m-audio, x-fi and this onboard crap?
i’ve also the gaytal1ty x-fi, but only champion FPS or something.
is yours better, audio quality wise ?

bump and blast from the past.

all the song links are dead!
i’m trying to check out some xrns from the compo and all i get is a message saying No available servers.

tbh, I’m not really using the onboard chip much. I just left it there for some reason… (good reminder to finally shut it off in the bios settings.)
About the x-fi - mostly using it for gaming. EAX5 sounds simply incredible there but also the entertainment mode is pretty neat as well. Can’t really complain about the sound quality. Drivers and software are however the bottleneck there. Although since the last drv update, the system finally seems to be more stable (that was however only an issue on vista and win 7 os’s) but only the mode switching takes ages and you also you need be careful what audio mode you’re using
and what audio is currently running. For instance, I managed to freeze my system several times already by switching from game mode to entertainment while something was still playing… this is nasty. :(

oh yes. As long as we’re speaking about the same tEIS and from what I’ve heard so far - I do like. :)

hehe i made entry for this in last year…or in 2008…hmm