Beatslaughter - Illness Beats (2003)

Stumbled upon this old track render again today and decided to polish its sound a bit. The original project files were lost long ago so it misses a proper outro for example, since it was just an old test render. Somehow it survived… made 7 years ago, so bear with me… posting just for fun. :D


i’d call that a track with an attitude :guitar:
and a nice demoscene vibe!
losing source files is a bitch. what about experimenting with some wild effects/loops/cut-ups to make some sort of proper ending? :)

Really liking this. Too bad, that the source is missing (lotsa potential in order to spice this one up).
I feel you there. :confused:

Wow you can really hear your future sound in this - it’s like a prototype. Fat as hell!

This reminds me, I need to email soon about a few things… Good to see you’re still lurking.