Beatslaughter - Machinery Torment

I haven’t found a nice netlabel to release some hardcore on, so i’ve put it on my site now.

Dark, athmospheric and with a small touch of psy in the second half.


niftoid!!! will listen tonight :D

try to send your demo to
brand new harsh electronic m00sic netlabel

Will do, not sure if a single track is enough though?

damn, can’t listen to oggs here on this library’s computer. downloaded it to my camera, I’ll check it out back at home though.

Feel free to stream it at my website, Virb or :)

thanks for the heads up.
I don’t listen to hardcore mainly because I’m not wired to digest the use of kickdrums but the ambience in this is amazing. this is so lush that I’d take all the drums out lol. great job

never hurts to make more ;)

hell yes, this is the kinda stuff you would want to find
very loud on very large speakers in a considerably large room
I especially like those breaks in the bridge halfway, I say more
room for exploration too

that swingy synth in the end however, felt a bit out of place…
as if someone suddenly decided to distort his violin and perform
his pirate dance out of the blue ;)

Terror Audio. Lush and completely frightening. Precise Doom.

nice track, reminds me of neurocores stuff

you should also check out

they will soon be a label too

Nice beatworks!


I like the contrast between the distorted drums and the dreamy pads!