Beatslaughter - Message From Io

Dark ambient track done for the compilation “Worst-Case Scenarios”, which got released on Intelligent Machinery netlabel.

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Great sounds going on here. I love what you’ve done with the static wash. Very visual. Puts me in a desolate place.

yes! i like such “music”! it makes me drifting SOOOO far away. because of the title and the style of this track i ask myself if you know some of the tracks from “symphonies of the planets”? really cruel and W E I R D stuff!

check this:



…mit dir könnte ich ja auch deutsch reden…sah bloß gerade, dass du aus berlin bist…hehehe… :lol:

Nice that someone noticed the reference to the actual moon Io, most active volcanism in our solar system with outbursts going as high as 500km/300mi which is really impressive. Must be like hell there and just thought it would be fitting very well.

I do know those NASA recordings and listened to them actually some time ago. If you like such stuff, you could also try the Antarctic livestream from the Alfred Wegener Institute. Website needs Java enabled for the stream.

and his “motherplanet” jupiter is awesome as hell. i´ve read in a book that jupiters mass ist the maximum for an “jovanischer” planet. if there´d be something more, some processes inside of it would start and set off the corefusion (kernfusiom) which would make him a star! oh…there comes a scene from the movie “2010” in my mind where jupiter ignitet to a second sun…but that was because of a monolith. ;)

it´s absolutely awesome for my mind to listen to such nature-generated noises that that took their absolute origin about 14 billion years ago in the big bang! maybe the universe is telling us a story…A WONDERFUL THOUGHT, i think!