Beatslaughter - Serenity Ep [Phoke85]

After quite some time the “Serenity EP” is finally released to the public on the Phonocake netlabel. Some of you may know those tracks already. I shared them on Soundcloud with a few and gave it to some as download. For this release i did polish the songs a bit, so it’s worth a download even if you have the old version already.

Also big thanks to Duncan Hemingway for the great photography used in the cover artwork.


01 Beatslaughter - Serenity
02 Beatslaughter - Bliss
03 Beatslaughter - Help Me
04 Beatslaughter - Serenity (Re-focused Mix by Skin Contact)

Download it here:

very nice. so many different feelings. i like bliss (was already ahead of its time) and the leffild’ish “help me”.
Serenity builds a very dense (thick, compact) sphere, very inspirational.

great combination. thanks for sharing.

Very inspiring, impressive work ! :walkman:

digging this! great work man!

Bravo on the release. Will wrap my head around the new mixes soon. Wasn’t there 5 tracks before?

Bliss has to be one of the greatest things ever created in Renoise.

Thanks a lot for the positive responses guys!

Yes, but i did strip the rest out cause of quality reasons. Thought they didn’t go too well with the other songs and didn’t really fit together. Not sure yet what i do with those, but that way i’m more happy with the release itself. :)

Realy nice Bliss rocks :) Other track are good too, and nive minimalistic yet climatic visualisation i clip ;)

really amazing mate wish u made more xrni packs