Beatslaughter - Siedepunkt

Beatslaughter - Siedepunkt



Just great! I’ll play this tune on Saturday at one party. :) This is something like schranz meets psytech. Listen!

groovy and hard to the core! this would make me move around on a saturday night for sure :) great job!


Wicked tune!

Kind of funny that two techno tracks have been released since Beta, I guess all that humanizing and delay column precision is good for something!

Thx, went to my DJ list. :D

sweeet stuff.
beat, percussion / fx / mastering are outstanding.

please consider giving monotone techno more focus and make this world a better place. :)

minor point of criticism:
i personally could’ve done without the drones ;)

BANGchkchkchkBANGchkchkchkBANGchkchkchkBANGchkchkchk (repeat)

(dig it)

I made my ears bleed :D

Great some people are enjoying it! :)

Actually the song was roughly 90% done since two months or so already, only finally finished it this week.

That made me laugh. :D

great track alex.

cool song.

Druckkammer-Style :P


Your sound is awesome!
I like it a lot :D

AWESOME!!! It reminds me alot of the collab album between Chris Liebing & Speedy J.

Dude… please make more of this stuff. I’m in love <3