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Hi I finally decided to join the forums here, but I have been a renoise user for a couple of years now. I know how to basics of beatslicing, I can create a loop and divide in hex to match a loop, but I want to know how to assign regions of a loop to a key or note on a keyboard.

I saw this thread which is part of what I would like to do:

post number 29

Anyway is there a more detailed tutorial on this. Or at least I would like to know what this is called in Renoise lingo.

Any help would be appreciated. I am new to this forum so forgive me if I am posting something redundant or otherwise previously answered.

until someone answers who has more experience and can explain better than me:

mark the region you want to loop in the sample editor, right click and “copy into new sample”. do this with all the parts you need.
swap to the instrument editor and “generate drumkit”. voila.

you can also map samples manually to certain buttons, use different octaves and also use hotkeys for the whole process.

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if you are using Renoise 2.6, download Sample Slicer tool which can do this automatically with a single click.

yes the sample slicer is awesome


tried dragging the sample slicer xrnx file into the renoise window. like stated in the instructions, and nothing happened. I will try reading further though.


thanks much this works well, I still want to try the plugin though.

obis: are you using renoise 2.6? previous versions will not be able to handle XRNX files

no I am downloading now. I didnt realize 2.6 version was out.

ok, the extension works but I was hoping there is a way to preserve the original sample and maybe just map regions of the sample rather than actually cutting up a loop. This is very helpful, but not for what I am doing.

I really want to know how to do what is in post 29 of this page.

it looks like there are nested regions beneath the original sample, and the original loop seems like its just mapped somehow. Maybe I dont know enough about what this person is doing but I would like to know. If someone could just tell me what this is called I will look it up.

This is not implemented, its just an idea…

Too bad, its a good idea. Thanks